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  • Induction Heating Crystal Growth System for GGG YAG LaAlO3

Induction Heating Crystal Growth System for GGG YAG LaAlO3

Sapphire, GGG, YAG, LaAlO3, Si and Ge Growth System Max 1650


Sapphire, GGG, YAG, LaAlO3, Si and Ge Growth System Max 1650

Product parameters
PowerAC 380V,three phase,30KW
Inductive RF30-80KHz
Maximum melting temperature2100℃
  Vacuum system (optional)Configuration I: 10-2torr (mechanical pump)1. Model: VRD-242. Air extraction port interface size: KF253. Extraction rate: (24m3/h) 6.6L/S4. Motor power: 750W5. Ultimate pressure 4 × 10-2PaConfiguration 2: 10-5torr (mechanical pump+molecular pump)1. Extraction rate: 620L/s2. Limit pressure: 6 × 10-5Pa3. Start time: ≤ 8min 4. Rated speed: 27000rpm/min5. Cooling mode: water cooling6. Air extraction port interface size: LF160
     Vacuum chamber  1. Adopting SS304 stainless steel cavity with double-layer water-cooled cavity, ensuring that the surface temperature of the equipment studio is ≤ 70 ℃,2. Chamber size: φ 400 * 400mm horizontal structure3. There is a 130 * 150mm square observation window on the cavity door, which facilitates real-time observation of sample melting and growth during the crystal growth process;4. A mechanical pressure gauge with a range of -0.1-0.15MPa is installed on the upper part of the chamber to observe the pressure inside the chamber5. One φ 6 double ferrule connectors serve as air outlets and are controlled by a stainless steel needle valve to open or close the air outlet6. A solenoid valve can automatically control the intake air7. A safety relief valve has been installed, which will automatically relieve pressure when the pressure in the chamber exceeds a certain value, ensuring the safety of the chamber
 Lifting mechanism1. The lift is driven by a servo motor, and the rotation is driven by a DC motor2. Pulling speed: 0.01-30mm/h3. Rotation speed of seed crystal rod: 0.1-60 rpm4. Maximum lifting stroke: 200mm5. Displacement accuracy: 0.01mm6. Lifting is divided into fast and slow speeds
Crucible rotating mechanism1.DC motor drive2. Rotation speed: 1-30 rpm
 Control system1. The entire circuit control system is operated and controlled on the touch screen using control software, which can achieve the following functions:2. Setting of growth slope and control parameters;3. Control crystal rise, dynamically adjustable4. Control the crystal rotation and set multiple speed automatic execution5. Chamber vacuum pressure detection6. Alarm monitoring, upper limit alarms such as medium frequency air pressure during crystal rise and crystal transition7. Real time data curve8. Data recording, automatic storage of operational data
 Water cooling system (optional)1. Working current: 2.1-12.9A2. Refrigeration capacity: 49474Btu/h3. Maximum flow rate: 117L/min4. Water tank capacity: 75L
Crucible system1. Graphite crucible or Boron nitride crucible and corresponding insulation material components can be selectedThe crucible size of this single crystal furnace is divided into D80 * H120mm
Transformer (optional)Transformers can be selected according to the voltage of the customer's location, such as 480V to 380V, 415V to 380V, etc
Dimension(reference value)1.CZ:~1480mm (L) x 1150mm (W) x 2450mm (H)2. Chiller:~800mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 1200mm (H)3. Transformer:~1050 (L) x 800mm (W) x 1200mm (H)

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