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Selection of Gas for Plasma Cleaning Machine

May. 24, 2023

Plasma cleaning machine is a surface treatment equipment that uses plasma generated by gas ionization to bombard the surface of objects. Whether using a plasma cleaning machine for surface activation, coating, modification, etc., or for surface cleaning, in order to achieve the best surface treatment effect, different gases will be selected according to different treatment needs. The commonly used gases for plasma cleaning machines include single gases such as air, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, or a mixture of certain two gases. There are so many types of plasma reaction gases, how should we choose them in practical applications?

Oxygen gas plasma cleaner application

Oxygen is mainly used for organic matter removal and surface activation of polymer materials, but it is not suitable for treating some easily oxidized metal surfaces.

Hydrogen gas plasma cleaner application

Hydrogen is widely used in industries such as circuit board printing, microelectronics, and semiconductors due to its reducibility and ability to remove oxide layers on metal surfaces without damaging the organic layers on the workpiece surface.

Nitrogen gas plasma cleaner application

Nitrogen gas can achieve certain bombardment and etching effects in the use of plasma cleaning machines, while also preventing oxidation of some metal surfaces. Normally, nitrogen gas is combined with other gases to process some special materials.

Argon gas plasma cleaner application

The plasma generated by argon gas does not undergo chemical reactions on the substrate, and is often mixed and used in the surface treatment process of plasma cleaning machines to achieve better treatment results. The most common is the mixture of argon and oxygen, which can effectively treat organic pollutants on the surface and accelerate the efficiency of cleaning and activation.

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