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Technology and Principle of Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Machine

Sep. 02, 2020

Plasma is a substance produced by gas molecules on special occasions such as vacuum and electric discharge. The plasma cleaning/etching device for generating plasma is to set two electrodes in a sealed container to form an electromagnetic field, and a vacuum pump is used to achieve a certain degree of vacuum. As the gas becomes thinner, the distance between molecules and the free movement distance of molecules or ions also increases. As it grows longer and longer, it is affected by the magnetic field, collides to form plasma, and at the same time glows. The plasma moves in the electromagnetic field and bombards the surface of the object to be treated, so as to achieve the effects of surface treatment, cleaning, and etching.

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Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

Compared with traditional wet cleaning using organic solvents, the Vacuum Plasma Cleaner has the following nine advantages:

1. The cleaning object is dried after plasma cleaning and can be sent to the next process without further drying treatment. Can improve the processing efficiency of the entire process line;

2. Plasma cleaning allows users to stay away from the harm of harmful solvents to the human body, and at the same time avoids the problem of easily washing the cleaning objects in wet cleaning:

3. Avoid using ODS harmful solvents such as trichloroethane, so that no harmful pollutants will be produced after cleaning, so this cleaning

The method is an environmentally friendly green cleaning method. This is becoming more and more important when the world pays great attention to environmental protection;

4. Plasma generated by high-frequency radio waves is different from direct light such as lasers. The directivity of the plasma is not strong, which allows it to penetrate into the fine holes and recesses of the object to complete the cleaning task, so there is no need to consider the shape of the object to be cleaned too much. Moreover, the cleaning effect of these difficult-to-clean parts and the cleaning effect of freon seem to be even better;

5. The use of a Plasma Cleaner can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency. The entire cleaning process can be completed within a few minutes, so it has the characteristics of high yield;

Sixth, the vacuum degree of plasma cleaning needs to be controlled is about 100Pa, which is easy to achieve. Therefore, the

The equipment cost is not high, and the cleaning process does not require the use of more expensive organic solvents, which makes the overall cost lower than

Traditional wet cleaning process;

7. The use of plasma cleaning avoids the treatment measures such as the transportation, storage, and discharge of the cleaning liquid, so the production site is easy to keep clean and hygienic:

8. Plasma cleaning can process a variety of materials regardless of the object to be processed, whether it is metal, semiconductor,

Oxide, or polymer material (such as polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyimide, polyester, epoxy resin

High polymer) can be treated with plasma. Therefore, it is especially suitable for materials that are not heat resistant and solvent resistant. and

It can also selectively clean the whole, partial or complex structure of the material;

9. While cleaning and decontamination are completed, the surface properties of the material itself can also be improved. Such as improving surface wettability, improving film adhesion, etc., which are very important in many applications. At present, plasma cleaning is more and more widely used, and users at home and abroad have higher and higher requirements for plasma cleaning technology. Good products also need professional technical support and maintenance!

Custom Plasma Cleaner is composed of several parts such as a vacuum generating system, electronic control system, plasma generator, vacuum chamber, cabinet, and so on.

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