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The Group of Chemical Experts Came to Chengyi to Discuss In-Depth Cooperation

Aug. 07, 2020

On August 6, 2020, Hou Yimin, secretary General of Henan Chemical Society, Xing Xiaoming, Deputy Secretary-General of Henan Academy of Sciences committee of Jiu Sanxue Society, Deputy Secretary-General of Henan Chemical Society, and Professor Xu Guangxi, director of The Graduate Student Office of Henan University of Science and Technology came to Henan Chengyi Equipment Science And Technology Co., LTD to discuss in-depth cooperation.

Henan Chengyi Equipment

Henan Chengyi Equipment Science And Technology Co., LTD is one of the enterprise members of Henan Chemical Society. At the beginning of becoming a member, Zhang Yafu, general manager of Chengyi Company, was still puzzled about "how to develop the enterprise layout". After becoming a member of the company, Chengyi Company actively participated in various academic meetings of Henan Chemical Society and communicated with scientific researchers for dozens of times. Through these activities, it is concluded that "the combination of industry, education, and research is the only way for the rapid development of enterprises".For this reason, Zhang Yafu, general manager of Chengyi Company, humbly sought advice and grew rapidly under the guidance of Henan Chemical Society. During the short 5 years of its establishment, the company has successively applied for and become a high-tech enterprise, established a research center for waste energy materials treatment, and a center for industry-University-Research Science innovation. At the same time, under the auspices of The Provincial Chemical Society, a research and cooperation agreement on waste battery treatment technology was signed with the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Henan University of Science and Technology. The project won the second prize in the Science and Technology Progress of Henan Province in 2019.

Henan Chengyi Equipment

Henan Chengyi Equipment

During this visit, Secretary-general Hou Yimin pointed out the research direction for enterprises in the field of electrochemistry. Xing Xiaoming deputy Secretary-General from the enterprise management, enterprise development layout to the enterprise in detail; For the further development of school-enterprise cooperation, Professor Xu Guangxi prospected the establishment of "Waste Energy Materials Research Institute".


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