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  • 1200 degree Vacuum Muffle Furnace CHY-H12210
  • 1200 degree Vacuum Muffle Furnace CHY-H12210
  • 1200 degree Vacuum Muffle Furnace CHY-H12210
  • 1200 degree Vacuum Muffle Furnace CHY-H12210

1200 degree Vacuum Muffle Furnace CHY-H12210

1.Φ210×360mm chamber dimension

2.high quality ceramic fiber chamber

3.PID Programmable controller

4.Muffle Furnace/Tube Furnace multi-function using

5.Made by Henan Chengyi


1.laboratory heat thermal processing cement, building materials industry etc

2.Pharmaceutical medicines inspection, preteatment of medical sample

3.Analytical Chemistry Industry: water analysis and environmental analysis

4.Analysis of coal quality,determine moisture, ash, volatile matter, ash melting point analysis, gray component analysis, and elemental analysis

Product parameters

Muffle Furnace Structural Characteristics:

1. The furnace shell is formed by welding with high-quality steel plates. The working room is a furnace supported by refractory materials, heating elements are placed in it, and the furnace and the furnace shell are built with thermal insulation materials.

2. The furnace door is fixed on the electric furnace panel through a multi-stage hinge. The furnace door is closed by using the weight of the furnace door handle, and the furnace door is tightly attached to the furnace door opening by lever action. Just lift the handle slightly when opening. After uncoupling, pull it out and place the furnace door on the left side. In addition, the lower end of the furnace mouth is equipped with an automatic cut-off power switch, and the power is automatically cut off when the furnace door is opened to ensure safe operation.

Display ModelHighlight LED display
Maximum Temperature1150℃
Working Temperature≤1150℃
Heating rate≤20℃/min  Suggest:10℃/min
Quartz Chamber dimensionsΦ210×360mm
Control modeIntelligent PID auto control
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Temperature curve30 segments programmable
over heat alarmHave
overcurrent protectionHave
Thermocouple Failure ProtectionHave
Sealing flangeS. S sealing flange with OD100mm observation window and Gas insert vacuum connect port 
Temperature measure elementK-type thermocouple
Heating ElementFe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Power SupplyAC220/V50Hz

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