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How does the Muffle Furnace Work?

Nov. 23, 2020

Muffle Furnace is a well-insulated oven with a maximum temperature of 1100°C. It is commonly used for baking and/or sterilizing materials and glassware. Knowing the location of the thermocouple and the melting point of the material inside it is crucial.


The use of muffle stoves inherently involves very hot temperatures. Users should wear protective gloves and goggles. The type of gloves you choose depends on the temperature you are using. In the drawer below the Muffle furnace, users can find a choice of gloves.

2.Prepare the Muffle Furnace

Know the melting or ignition points of all items you want to place in the muffle furnace. Cover all open ends of Pyrex glass with aluminum foil. For smaller items, such as the Kiel ship, wrap them in aluminum foil. If baking items at high temperatures, make sure that everything in the oven is bearable.

3.Start Muffle Furnace

Place the articles carefully in the furnace. Do not disturb or bump the thermocouple behind the stove.

When the oven is full of things to bake, make sure the door is completely closed.

If the oven is not on, use the switch to turn it on.

Muffle Furnace

Adjust the target temperature (green number) to the desired temperature using the arrow button on the digital reader at the bottom left of the door.

Ensure that the required temperature does not exceed the melting point of any material placed in the furnace.

Press the blue button to set the temperature.

It takes about an hour to reach the required temperature.

Fill in the login form for the muffle furnace.

4.Stop Muffle Furnace

Once the furnace has reached the desired temperature for the required time, use the down arrow on the digital reader to set the temperature below 20°C and then press the blue button to do so.

Do not attempt to open the door until the temperature is at or below 100°C (unless you are creating a heated gas for the caked isotopes).

Unless you are wearing gloves and the temperature is below 100°C, do not attempt to remove any material from the oven until the digital screen temperature reaches 25°C. It takes longer to cool the oven than to heat it up.

After the material has cooled, remove the items from the oven, taking care not to collide with the thermocouple. Store items in appropriate locations.

Close the oven door.


Recommended Baking Conditions

Pyrex-500°C- at least 1 hour

Quartz -1000°C- at least 1 hour

Funnel -480°C- less than 1 hour

Heated gas -1025°C- at least 2 hours

Common Melting Point

Polypropylene -160°C- flash point 260°C

Aluminum - 660 ° C

Pyrex-820°C- this is the softening point, depending on the exact formulation

Quartz - 1670 ° C



Do not put plastic in the oven.

Keep corrosive materials away from the furnace.

Do not put explosives or highly reactive materials into the furnace.

The Fire

If you find a fire inside, put the extinguisher next to the door of the 303B and 302A, put out the fire, and leave the room until the air is fully discharged.

If you are unable to extinguish the fire, pull the alarm and leave.


If you smell a strange odor coming from the Muffle stove, turn off the oven, let it cool below 100°C, and then carefully open the door to determine its source. Delete content as needed.

If the controller shows "b.o", it means "burnt out" and the thermocouple may be exhausted. After you remove the thermocouple, you can check the resistance to see if it is open and therefore cracked. Replace the thermocouple as needed.

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