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  • PC-1.5N Auto Coin Cell Sealing Machine

PC-1.5N Auto Coin Cell Sealing Machine

1.Small size, light weight,No oil linkage, easy to carry.

2.Digital display pressure gauge0.1MPa,Pressure control is more accurate.

3.Programmable auto pressing

  1. Compound ceramic samples in materials/chemistry research laboratory

  2. Catalytic Reaction

  3. Battery Energy

  4. Cement Ore

  5. CR serial Coin Cell Crimping

Product parameters

Pressure range0-1.5T
PressingProgram press--hold--pressure release
Holding time0~999s
Pressure changeauto matching
Standard MoldCR16,CR20,CR24,CR30 optional
Sealing moldCR16,CR20,CR24,CR30
Sealing pressure0.8~1.5T
Crimping moldCR16,CR20,CR24,CR30
Over dimension220*240*380mm

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