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Use And Maintenance Of Muffle Furnace

Mar. 06, 2021

Use And Maintenance Of Muffle Furnace

Precautions for muffle furnace maintenance:

1. Clean up the spent material and hard blocks adhering around the electrode protection ring, the debris adhering to the wall, and the accumulated material on the end wall. 

2. After the spent material at the bottom of the muffle furnace is poured with water, the pillars and small walls are removed. When removing the small wall, it is strictly forbidden to lift and unload two furnace walls at a time and shall be lifted and unloaded from the middle to the two ends in turn. After all, the spent material under the furnace bottom and the furnace head electrode is cleared into the pool, the pillars and furnace wall can be hoisted. 

3. The muffle furnace wall should be placed firmly, and the gap between the two walls should be symmetrical.

4. Locking hooks must be used when installing pillars and furnace walls. Sprinkle wood powder on the bottom of the furnace before hoisting to protect the bottom of the muffle furnace and prevent leakage. 

5. When the insulating brick on the pillar falls off 1/3 and the end of the furnace wall successively falls off 3 bricks, it should not be used continuously and should be repaired immediately.

6. When cleaning the foundation pit where the pillars are stored, the grab and the operator are strictly forbidden to enter the pit at the same time to prevent accidents.

Precautions for the use of muffle furnace:

1. The muffle furnace must be placed on a stable cement table, insert the thermocouple rod into the furnace from the small hole on the back of the muffle furnace, and connect the dedicated wire of the thermocouple to the terminal of the temperature controller. Note that the positive and negative poles should not be connected wrongly to avoid damage to the temperature pointer in the reverse direction.

2. Find out the power supply voltage required by the electric furnace, configure plugs, sockets, and fuses with appropriate power, and connect the ground wire to avoid danger. A thick rubber cloth should be laid on the ground in front of the furnace so that it is safer to operate.

3. After burning, pull down the switch and cut off the power supply. However, the door of the furnace should not be opened immediately to prevent the furnace chamber from being suddenly broken by the cold. Generally, you can open a small slit first to let it cool down faster, and finally, use long-handled crucible tongs to take out the burned object.

4. When the muffle furnace is in use, it should be taken care of frequently to prevent the failure of automatic control and cause the electric furnace wire to burn out and other accidents. Do not use the muffle furnace when unattended at night.

5. Keep the furnace clean and do not stack flammable and explosive materials around the furnace.

6. When the muffle furnace is not in use, cut off the power supply and close the furnace door to prevent the refractory materials from being corroded by moisture.

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