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Operation Before Heating Of Tube Furnace

Dec. 21, 2020

Operation Before Heating Of Tube Furnace

The tube furnace consists of a heating furnace and a waste heat recovery system. The flue gas outlet is provided below the flue gas outlet. The waste heat recovery system includes the air preheater. Its characteristics are as follows: the air preheater is composed of two stages, one is a non-condensing air preheater, the other is a condensing air preheater. Tubular furnaces are mainly used for experiments and small batch production in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. It has the characteristics of safety and reliability, simple operation, high-temperature control precision, good heat preservation effect, large temperature range, and high furnace.

High-temperature equipment should pay special attention to safety and operating specifications during the experiment and production process. It is very important to clarify the regular operation process of the high-temperature furnace before heating. The following briefly introduces the operation of the tube furnace before heating.


1) Pay attention to the cleaning environment. Every time you start to use the tube furnace, check whether the oil line of the mechanical pump is above the marking line, remove the cover at both ends, and clean the furnace tube;

2) Design the temperature rise and fall curve according to the process requirements, the heating rate should not be higher than 10℃/min, and the cooling rate should be lower than 15℃/min;

3) After the sample is put into the furnace tube, plug two insulated furnace plugs so that the end of the second furnace plug is flush with the side of the furnace body;

4) Install the gas furnace flange and confirm that the gasket falls into the groove.

Second, when the tube furnace needs to be filled with gas, it is especially necessary to pay attention to safety if hydrogen is used as the working gas.

The following briefly introduces the operating points of hydrogen filling

1) Confirm that the valves are closed, and when the hydrogen gas circuit is connected, use soapy water to detect leaks at all joints to confirm that there is no gas leakage.

2) Turn the knob counterclockwise to open the hydrogen cylinder main valve, and turn the knob clockwise to slowly open the outlet pressure reducing valve to make the outlet pressure at 0.1MPa.

3) Turn on the power of the mechanical pump, open the outlet valve of the tube furnace and the two valves on the gas path of the mechanical pump, and pump for 5 minutes.

4) Close the two valves on the gas path of the mechanical pump, close the outlet valve of the tube furnace, and turn off the mechanical pump.

5) The tube furnace can be heated only ten minutes after the hydrogen gas has been ventilated. Before heating, adjust the flowmeter knob counterclockwise to make the bubbles in the conical flask appear at a rate of 2 bubbles per second.

Tube Furnace


1) Do not touch the high-temperature furnace tube with low-temperature objects;

2) Pay attention to the temperature range of heat preservation.

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