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Choosing a Muffle Furnace

May. 07, 2021

Choosing a Muffle Furnace

What is a muffle furnace?

The muffle furnace allows rapid high-temperature heating, recycling, and cooling in a self-sufficient, energy-efficient cabinet. The muffle furnace separates the heated object from the combustion by-products of the heat source. In modern electric furnaces, radiant or convective energy uses high-temperature heating coils inside the insulation material to apply heat to the furnace. This insulating material can effectively act as a muffle and prevent heat from escaping.

Ordinary muffle furnace use

Today’s modern electric muffle furnaces heat through conduction, convection, or blackbody radiation processes. This process eliminated the production of combustion by-products that were common in non-electric muffle furnaces in the early 20th century.

In addition, advances in materials used for heating elements (such as molybdenum disilicide) can produce operating temperatures as high as 1800 degrees Celsius (3272 degrees Fahrenheit). This high temperature facilitates more complex metallurgical applications such as the end-to-end process of debinding, sintering, and metal injection molding.

Applications using a muffle furnace

The muffle furnace now uses technology and design to achieve greater control over temperature uniformity and to isolate heating materials from combustion pollutants. This makes the muffle furnace an ideal place for ashing samples, heat treatment applications, and materials research.

Industrial manufacturers or laboratory environments often use muffle furnaces for high-temperature applications. These applications include:

Melting glass

Create an enamel coating

Technical ceramics

Welding and brazing

Craft custom muffle furnace

For unique applications or products, consider a customized high-temperature muffle laboratory furnace. Build a customized high-temperature muffle furnace solution to meet accurate specifications or requirements for your application or production. Custom equipment protects the success of your product development or the results of the testing process.

We are a muffle furnace manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

Muffle Furnace

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