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  • CHY-T12100C Laboratory Three Zone 1200 degree Tube Furnace
  • CHY-T12100C Laboratory Three Zone 1200 degree Tube Furnace

CHY-T12100C Laboratory Three Zone 1200 degree Tube Furnace

1.O.D100*1400 high purity quartz tube

2.High quality ceramic fiber chamber

3.PID Programmable controller

4.Heavy duty double layer structure


1.Laboratory heat thermal processing

2.High Vacuum Sintering Heating Annealing Brazing

3.Laboratory Thin Film Preparation,Nano tube growthing

4.Laboratory CVD system,graphene growthing,preparation.

Product parameters

Advantages of tube furnace:

Mature technology;

The furnace structure is simple;

Easy to operate, easy to control, and can produce continuously;

The yields of ethylene and propylene are high, and the product concentration is high;

Low power consumption and high thermal efficiency;

Most of the cracked gas and flue gas can be recovered;

The scope of application of raw materials is gradually expanding with the progress of cracking technology;

It can be combined with multiple furnaces for large-scale production.

Product Name1200 Degree Three Zone Tube Furnace
Furnace DoorOpen Type Furnace
Display ModelHighlight LED display
Maximum Temperature1150℃
Working Temperature≤1100℃
Heating rate≤20℃/min  Suggest:10℃/min
Heating zonesSingle heating zone
Quartz Tube DiameterO.D100*1400mm
Inner DiameterI.D 94*1400mm
Heating Zone Length 220+440+220mm
Constant Heating Zone100+300+100mm
Control modeIntelligent PID auto control
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Temperature curve30 segments programmable
Over heat alarmHave
Overcurrent protectionHave
Thermocouple Failure ProtectionHave
Temperature SensorK-type thermocouple
Heating ElementFe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Quartz Tube MaterialHigh Purity Quartz
After-sales service12 month warranty, durable maintaince and repair support
Power Supply220V  50HZ
Rated power8.0kw
Overall dimensions1060×470×610 (mm )
Packing3-ply wooden case

Protective Glove,Crucible Tong,Crucible,Quartz Tube,Vacuum Flange

,User Manual.

Operation process of tube furnace:

According to the requirements of the laboratory, intermittent manual loading and unloading is used for loading and unloading. When loading, place the material box on the bowl support, open and remove the sealed end cover of the furnace tube, put the material box bracket with the material box, and then install the sealed end cover on the furnace tube flange and tighten the clamp bolt. Then the process atmosphere is introduced until the oxygen content in the furnace tube reaches the process requirements and the temperature is increased and sintered. After the product sintering process is completed, continue to pass a small amount of process atmosphere and reduce the temperature until the temperature in the furnace is lower than the process requirements before opening the furnace tube sealing end cover to take out the product.

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