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  • PECVD system with four gas mixer CHY-T1280A-PECVD
  • PECVD system with four gas mixer CHY-T1280A-PECVD

PECVD system with four gas mixer CHY-T1280A-PECVD


Plasma Enhance Chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is a chemical process used to produce high quality, high-performance 2D material.Such as graphene, molybdenum disulphide, thin films, and Nanotube etc. The process is often used in the semiconductor industry to produce thin films.

Product parameters
Product Name1200 degree Sliding PECVDCHY-T1280A-PECVD
RF Power Power range0-300W (continuously adjustable)
Operating modeContinuous output
monitorLCD 128*64
RF output impedance interface (50Ω)N-type, female
Power stability≤2W
Maximum reflected power70W
Harmonic component: ≤dBc-50
Distortion (dbc)-60
Corresponding time (ms)100
Shutdown time (ms)200
Power protection settings

DC overcurrent protection, power amplifier over temperature protection,

 reflected power protection

Control mode485 communication
1200 degree Tube Furnace  ModelT1280C
Hearth MaterialImported alumina fiber
Heating ElementFe-Cr-Al-Mo wire (OCr27Al7Mo2)
Maximum Temperature1200℃
Working Temperature≤1150℃
Heating rate≤20℃ (Suggest:10℃/min)
Heating zonesSingle Heating zone
Heating zone length220mm
Constant temperature zone length80mm
Tube MaterialHigh Purity Quartz Tube
Tube diameter80mm(inner diameter:74mm)
Tube Length1200mm
Sealing MethodVacuum flange
Vacuum Air-tightness9.8×10-4Pa
Control modeIntelligent PID auto control
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Temperature curve30 segments programmable
Temperature measure elementK-type thermocouple
Mass Flow Controller ModelCHY-4Z
Flowmeter typemass flowmeter
Flowmeter core304 stainless steel
control valve typeelectromagnetism control valve
Tube normalcynormal close
Flowmeter shellBlack aluminum shell
Gas typeFour way
Interface dimension1/4"
Measure Accuracy±1.0%F.S
repeated accuracy±0.2%F.S
pressure range-0.1-0.15 MPa
A way gas measurement range0~100SCCM
B way gas measurement range0~200SCCM
C way gas measurement range0~200SCCM
D way gas measurement range0~500SCCM
Power supplyAC 220V 50Hz

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