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  • YXQM-0.4L Table-top Programmable Planetary Ball Mill with Four SS Milling Jars (4x100ml)

YXQM-0.4L Table-top Programmable Planetary Ball Mill with Four SS Milling Jars (4x100ml)

1. Short grinding time, fine discharge particle size, and high accuracy;

2. High consistency of repeated grinding;

3. A wide range of materials can be selected for ball milling tanks, with a variety of grindable materials;

4. Four working positions, capable of grinding up to four different types and qualities of materials each time;

5. Under the same conditions, the accuracy consistency of each batch of each jar grinding sample is high;

6. It has many functions such as reverse, forward and reverse alternating operation, stepless speed regulation, timing, intermittent operation, safety protection, power failure memory, data storage, etc;


YXQM-0.4L is a compact planetary ball mill designed to be operated on the table. 4 grinding stations with 100ml SS milling jars allow you to prepare up to 4 different materials (alloys, ceramics, chemical products, polymer composites, metal oxides, minerals...) in an effective way. 

Product parameters
Model No.YXQM-0.4L
Feed Sample Size<5mm
Capacity of Grinding Jar100ml*4PCS
Max Feeding Capacity2/3 capacity of the grinding jar
Operation Mode2 or 4 grinding jars working simultaneously
Feeding GranularitySoil materials < 10mm, others materials < 3mm
Discharging Granularitydown to 0.1μm 
Sample Typehard, medium-hard, soft, fibrous, brittle, moist
Grinding methodDry / wet / vacuum
Rotational Speed of Grinding Jar450rpm
Rotational Speed Ratio2:1
Drive Modegear drive and belt drive
Speed Controlstepless speed regulation
Max Continuous Grinding Time72hours (full-load)
Power SupplyAC220/50Hz

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